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Help your little sluggers build confidence when they take the field or step up to the plate with this Plastic Training Ball, which is perfect for developing basic batting and catching skills. When combined with the optional Wiffle® bat (sold separately), this ball helps hitters follow through on their swings and connect with every pitch thanks to the balls slow flight path, which lets young athletes clearly track the incoming ball.


    • Made from latex-free plastic to hold up to batting practice throughout the entire season
    • Integrated holes deliver a slower, more limited ball flight path to help players develop their hitting and fielding skills
    • White color enhances visibility to help athletes keep their eye on the ball
    • Optional Wiffle® bat (sold separately) helps sluggers perfect their swing during training sessions
    • Available in softball or baseball sizes
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Baseball/Softball
    • Ball Type: Training/practice
    • Color: White
    • Color Family: White
    • Material: Plastic




    • Designed for true slow and limited flight

Wiffle™ 9" BALL BASEBALL SKU# 1141245 DOZEN

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