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Whiz Bang Popcorn Popper 

SKU# 1277104


The Whiz Bang Popcorn Popper is sure to be a game changer at any event. Whether at a concession stand, rec center, church group, or camp the Popcorn Popper is ideal for bringing everyone together. The highest quality 12/14 oz. kettle popper makes 250 one-ounce servings per hour. It will be almost impossible to run out of delicious popcorn. Weight is a reasonable 105 pounds with a voltage of 120; amps: 20; wattage: 2400. Uni-maxx Kettle mounted in durable cast aluminum hanger arms. A great investment opportunity, watch the profits roll in. You will not regret picking up a Whiz Bang Popcorn Popper for your school or facility. 


    • "Top of the line" 12/14oz. kettle popper 
    • Uni-maxx Kettle mounted in extra strong cast aluminum hanger arms 
    • Produces 250, one oz. servings per hour 
    • Removable kettle for easy cleaning 
    • Weight: 105 lbs. 
    • Voltage: 120; amps: 20; wattage: 2400

Whiz Bang Popcorn Popper SKU# 1277104

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