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Vertical Jump Challenger 

SKU# 1245448


Key Benefits:

  • Vertical Jump Assesment


Jumping is an important skill to have in many sports, including basketball and volleyball. Easily measure the vertical jump capability of each team member using this Vertical Jump Challenger. Assess which players will be best suited to spiking the ball or sinking a jump shot when it counts, and use the challenger over time to track jumping progress. With regular assessments throughout the season, you can help ensure that players are meeting their potential. The simple assessment tool utilizes metal arms that are laid out closely, so you can take accurate measurements.


    • Use to measure vertical jump height for volleyball and basketball players and other athletes who engage in sports where jumping is required
    • Adjustable metal arms in 1 in. increments hold the position of the highest reach for accurate measurements
    • Telescoping arm expands from 4 ft. to 12 ft. to accommodate students of all skill levels
    • Heavy-duty base with casters keeps the unit upright and makes it easy to move around the gym or place in storage
    • Includes a reset pole to line the metal arms back up between turns when assessing the entire team in a row
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Coaching, Training
    • Color: Silver, Black, Red
    • Color Family: Multi
    • Material: Metal
    • Product Height: 12 ft.
    • Product Type: Jump training accessory
    • Product Use/Compatibility: Measures jump height
      • Affordable and accurate device for measuring vertical jump!
      • Telescopes from 4 to 12 feet, with heavy duty base and casters for stability and portability
      • Moveable metal arms placed at 1" increments allow for accurate jump measurement
      • Highest arm reached remains angled until jump reading is measured
      • Includes handy reset pole

Vertical Jump Challenger SKU# 1245448

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