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Umpire's Outside Chest Protector 



  • Great call! The Umpire's Outside Chest Protector makes sure the official standing behind the plate is protected with 3" thick safe lightweight foam covered with heavy-duty polyester/cotton. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that features a vinyl neck rest. The Chest Protector also has a ball pocket. It measures 21.5"L. Whether you're the umpire-or accountable for outfitting one--grab this quality product for one of the most important people on the field. Choose this Umpire's Outside Chest Protector and help the person who makes sure everyone plays by the rules.

    Filled with 3" thick safe lightweight foam then covered with heavy-duty poly-cotton. Adjustable shoulder straps with vinyl neck rest. Also comes with a ball pocket. 21.5" L

Umpire's Outside Chest Protector SKU# MCB78BXX

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