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Ultimate Frisbee® Disc 

SKU# 1268942


Kids can split up into two teams to engage in a fun-filled game with this Wham-O® Ultimate® Frisbee® Disc. Combining the thrills of soccer, football and basketball, Ultimate® Frisbee® is a unique way for kids to get moving, as the sport requires plenty of running and throwing actions. By flinging the regulation-size and -weight disc to other players on their team, kids can move down the field to score points. When recess or open gym time begins, students will love divvying up to start a game, making the disc an ideal addition to school and rec center athletic programs.


    • Self-refereeing, no-contact game allows kids to learn the importance of good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork
    • Ultimate® Frisbee® combines aspects of soccer, football and basketball and features two teams of seven players competing to score 21 points first
    • Teammates throw the disc to each other to move down the field and into their opponents' end zone, which results in a score
    • UPA-approved disc weighs 175 grams and measures 10.5 in. in diameter for official Ultimate® Frisbee® play
    • Great for kids five years and older
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Ultimate Frisbee
    • Brand: Wham-O®
    • Open Ring Style: No
    • Product Height: 1.31 in.
    • Product Weight: 175 grams
    • Product Width: 10.5 in.
    • Quantity: 1
    • Recommended Age Use: Children, Teenagers, Adults
  • Meets the specifications for the sport of Ultimate 
  • UPA approved - 175 grams and 10 1/2" diameter 
  • Colors and graphics may vary

Ultimate Frisbee® Disc SKU1268942

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