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The Designated Hitter Pro Model

SKU# 1323498


  • Meet The Designated Hitter a baseball/softball dummy who can aid your players in learning to pitch inside and how to deal with hitters who crowd the plate. Users state it truly helps to have a batter stand in the box, and provides the pitcher the experience of throwing to a 'live' batter at each practice. Lifelike heavy-duty polyethylene silhouette you have to see to appreciate. Two-piece for easy and safe portability. Available in jersey colors: red, blue and grey. Draft The Designated Hitter onto your team and observe him contributing from the start. 


    • Learn to pitch inside and how to handle hitters who crowd the plate 
    • Two-piece for safe and easy portability. 
    • Available in jersey colors: Red, Blue and Gray. 
    • Pro model batter stands 5'9" tall. 
    • Youth model batter stands 5'2" tall.

The Designated Hitter Pro Model SKU# 1323498

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