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Tennis Tutor Plus AC/DC w/o Remote

SKU# 139505


  • Ball Speed up to 85 MPH
  • Adjustable ball feed from every 1-1/2 seconds to every 10 seconds
  • Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable from groundstroke to lob Full-Court
  • Oscillator delivers shots randomly across the court
  • 150 ball capacity
  • Rechargeable Battery provides up to six hours of playing time per charge
  • Low Battery Charge Indicator with Smart Battery Charger
  • Start-up time delay allows the player time to get in position
  • Fold-out Towing Handle – tows like luggage on built-in caster wheels
  • Control the amount of topspin or underspin with a single dial
  • Adjustable elevation setting

Tennis Tutor Plus AC/DC w/o Remote SKU# 139505

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