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Snap Attack Football Machine 
SKU# 1390108
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*Snap Attack Football Machine

  • Designed by football coaches Football training machine is a snap, pass and kick machine Simulates 100 yds passes & punts, 70+ yard kick-offs, & 5-15 yard tight spiral snaps at speeds of 70+ MPH Solid polyurethane throwing wheels - no air required On the passing stand, the Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction, accurately throwing passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field In the lowered position at ground level and realistic angles, machine snaps ball to any depth in shotgun and pistol formations, extra points and punts - no second cradle is required for kickoff Controller is accessible, visible and safely away from throwing wheels Light wieght cast aluminum throwing wheel guards protect players, coaches, fingers and hands during operation Steel-plated frame for strength and weather-resistance
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