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Schutt Softside Sideline Hardware Kit Varsity

SKU# 1376903


  • The Schutt Youth Softside Sideline Kit will help prevent uniform or equipment mishaps from interfering with your team's games. Kit comes with one dozen VINYLGUARD™ loop straps, one dozen ARMORGUARD® loop straps, one dozen plastic chin strap buckles, one helmet inflator pump with needle, 100 black shoulder pad accessory screws, 100 S/S snap screws, 100 S/S long T-nuts 15/32", 100 S/S medium T-nuts ⅜", 100 S/S short-nuts ⅛" and 100 S/S faceguard screws. Also, has one T-nut wrench, one pair pliers, one standard screwdriver, one phillips screwdriver, one helmet measuring tape and one glycerin bottle. Also, includes one dozen shoulder pad laces, one dozen barrel lace locks, two dozen faceguard washers, one dozen 1" key hole slides, one dozen 1" T-hooks, one yard of 1" loop tape/female, and four of 1x20" elastic shoulderpad straps. The Schutt Youth Softside Sideline Kit will keep you prepared — just make sure it gets on the bus before you do!


    • 100 S/S medium t-Nuts 3/8in. 
    • 100 S/S short-nuts 1/8in. 
    • 100 S/S faceguard screws 
    • 100 black shoulder pad accessory screws 
    • 24 faceguard washers 
    • 12 Armourguard® Elite™ loop straps 
    • 12 Polyarmour loop straps 
    • 12 Armourguard® loop straps 
    • 12 plastic chin strap buckles 
    • 12 should pad laces 
    • 12 barrel lace locks 
    • 12 1-1/2in. Key hole slides (1" for youth kit)
    • 12 1-1/2in. t-hooks (1" for youth kit)
    • 4 1-1/2in. x 20 elastic shoulder pad straps (1" for youth kit)
    • 1 helmet inflator pump 
    • 1 yard of 1in. loop tape 
    • 1 glycerin bottle

*Schutt Softside Sideline Hardware Kit SKU# 1376903

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