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Sandfilled Color Concentrate 55 Gallon Drum-Weighs 556 lbs.

SKU# 1239096


Whether you want to represent your team colors or just finish your court with a durable, attractive coating, you can use this Sand-Filled Acrylic Color Concentrate to create a highly pigmented surface that holds up to the wear and tear of basketball games, tennis matches and other outdoor court events. Asphalt and concrete surfaces will look smooth and stay strong thanks to the acrylic formula, and the concentrate dries quickly, so you don't have to put practices or games on hold.


    • Use on properly prepared asphalt and concrete pavement to add pigment to your tennis, basketball or other outdoor courts
    • Pigmented acrylic formula helps ensure that the color will stay bright and bold through game after game
    • Concentrated design can be mixed with water for easy application
    • One-hour dry time means that the court is ready for your next game or practice in as little as 24 hours
    • Available in multiple sizes with a variety of color options, including red, light green, dark green, tan, turquoise, blue, gray and maroon
  • Specifications:
    • Material: Acrylic
    • Quantity: 1
      • 100% acrylic binder and color pigment for final color coats over properly prepared asphalt and concrete pavements 
      • Supplied in concentrated form-all you add is water 
      • A 5 gallon pail produces 7 gallons of paint with the addition of 2 gallons of water 
      • A typical court requires 100 gallons of SandFilled Color for the recommended two coat application 
      • Dries in one hour and is ready for play in 24 hours 
      • Please specify color from chart below

Sandfilled Color Concentrate SKU# 1239096

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