Single (18"W x 15'L)
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*Roll Out Agility Ladder

  • Keep your team in top condition during the offseason with this Stroops Roll-Out Agility Ladder. Athletes can work on fitness, quick direction changes and overall agility while running through high-knee, foot-fire or zig-zag ladder drills. Whether a team needs to get in shape for the start of the season or exercisers want to improve their general physique, this versatile ladder is great for use by both serious sports players and individuals just starting their fitness journey. The ladder's extra-strong rubber construction holds up to team drills or fitness centers that cater to large groups. Durable rubber construction prevents ripping or tearing during heavy use Use to perform a variety of ladder drills, such as crossover shuffles, high knees or forward-backward hops, on indoor floors or hard, flat surfaces Allows athletes to work on acceleration, direction changes and overall agility Roll-up design makes it easy to store the tangle-resistant ladder without taking up added space Available in single- or double-column configurations Specifications: Color: Black, White Color Family: Black Brand: Stroops Material: Rubber Product Length: 15 ft. Quantity: 1 Great for ladder drills on indoor or hard flat surfaces Spend more time doing drills and less time untangling your ladder Made of high quality, durable rubber that will not tear or rip with use