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Rol-Dri® Pressureless Tennis Balls 



Players can learn to serve up some serious competition with these RolDri® Pressureless Tennis Balls. Designed for practice, basic lessons or recreational use, these pressureless tennis balls offer a steady bounce and consistent feel on many different surfaces, so play won't stop suddenly due to a dead ball as you teach athletes how to achieve aces and down-the-line shots. Load the tennis balls into a compatible ball machine, so you can start coaching your team to hit accurate backhand and forehand shots.


    • Pressureless design won't go dead during practice or recreational use
    • Balls deliver consistent bounce for use on a variety of surfaces
    • Bright color helps players see the ball as they develop their skills
    • Can be loaded into a ball machine for building players' hitting skills with repetitive drills
    • Pack includes 12 balls to help keep you supplied as you train your athletes
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Tennis
    • Brand: RolDri®
    • Color: Bright Yellow
    • Color Family: Yellow
    • Quantity: 12
  • Perfect for practice or recreational tennis

Rol-Dri® Pressureless Tennis Balls SKU# 1704XXXX

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