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MacGregor MCB29 Pro Mask 

With Black Vinyl Pads Color Black



  • The toughest stance in baseball has to be the catcher's, and this MacGregor #B29 Pro 100 Mask was specifically designed for player mobility, protection, and comfort. The mask is up to 40% lighter than regular masks, with a tough vinyl coating with extended ear and throat guards. It has a hollow tubular steel frame that comes complete with harness. It is available in Black only. Being behind the plate can be dangerous and uncomfortable, so give your catcher the advantage that comes available with the MacGregor #B29 Pro 100 Mask. 


    • Hollow tubular steel frame 
    • Lighter than traditional masks 
    • Durable vinyl coating with extended ear and throat guard 
    • Complete with harness

MacGregor MCB29 Pro Mask SKU# MCB29BKX

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