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MacGregor Magnetic Double 1st Base

SKU# 1274127


Umpires and coaches can identify when players make it safely to first base using the MacGregor® Magnetic Double First Base. Players are less likely to collide thanks to the double-base design. The base is made for use with magnetic base types for a compatible fit on the team's home field. The white half of the base attaches to the magnetic stanchion where the first baseman's foot stays in fair territory, and the orange safety section of the double-base stays in foul territory, so the runner has a safe place to run to while aiming for first base.


    • Compatible with magnetic-type bases for use on the team's home field
    • Double-base design helps reduce collisions at first base, so players stay safe while running at full speed
    • White half of the base attaches to the magnetic stanchion, keeping the first baseman in fair territory out of the runners base path
    • Orange safety half of the base sits in foul territory, giving the runner a safe place to target
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Baseball, Softball
    • Bases Included: First base (double bag)
    • Brand: MacGregor®
    • Color: Orange, White
    • Color Family: Multi
    • Grounding Type: Magnetic
    • Quantity: 1




    • Perfect addition for those who have magnetic type bases 
    • "White part" is attached to the magnetic stanchion conventionally leaving the safety orange base in foul territory 
    • "Orange part" is at ground level.

MacGregor Magnetic Double 1st Base SKU# 1274127

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