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SKU: 1035612
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*GameCraft® 3-Star Tournament Ping-Pong Balls SKU: 1035612

  • Designed for competitive play, these GameCraft® 3-Star Tournament Ping-Pong Balls help ensure that your table tennis tournament is up to regulation standards. During championship games, the seamless design allows players to place the ball precisely, whether it's deep or down the line. Three stars indicate high quality and lasting performance, so players can concentrate on smashing the competition with their kill shots, powerful serves and backhands. 40mm size is suitable for tournaments and competitive matches Available in various box sizes Seamless surface minimizes resistance, so servers can accurately place the ball on the receivers' side and return strokes land where the players are aiming Three-star design is the standard for high-quality, competition-style balls White finish makes the balls highly visible as they fly through the air and easy to retrieve from the back of the playing area Specifications: Activity: Table Tennis Brand: GameCraft® Color: White Color Family: White Diameter: 40mm Seamed Surface: No Seamless ball for championship play 3-star - 40mm - White
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