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1.5"D - 40'L
SKU# 1369621
Key Benefits:
fitness - upper body & core work-out
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*Fitness Power Ropes 1.5"D - 40'L SKU# 1369621

  • Gym members and athletes can incorporate this Fitness Power Rope into their workout routine to alter their body composition, burning fat and building defined muscle. Install this rope in your gym and allow personal trainers to instruct clients on the many ways the rope can be used. Whether being used to perform double or alternating waves, shoulder circles or explosive jumps, the durable power rope adds an exciting twist to gym day and won't unravel or fray even after being slammed into the floor repeatedly. Power rope can be used in a variety of workout routines, including core and upper body exercises Helps to improve grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning and fitness Grips on the end help athletes establish a secure hold while jumping or waving the rope quickly Twisted construction is durable enough to withstand repetitive use and impacts without fraying Available in multiple lengths and widths to accommodate people of all skill and fitness levels Specifications: Activity: Training Color: Black Color Family: Black Various lengths and diameters to enhance the overall work-out experience Great for grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning Ideal for upper body and core exercises
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