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Easton MLF5 Maple Wood Fungo Bat (37") 

SKU# 1184631

Colors: Black/Clear






Help your baseball team improve their outfielding abilities with the Easton® MLF5 Maple Fungo Baseball Bat. Coaches can hit balls into the outfield using this wide-barrel bat to help players track fly balls and improve their fielding. Whether you're warming up before a big game or holding a pre-season practice, the fungo bat is a great coaching tool that allows you to control the direction and speed of each hit, so you can prepare your team for anything. Made to last, the maple bat will hold up hit after hit.


    • North American maple construction is made to last under the stress of repeated fielding drills
    • 0.88 in. handle provides a secure grip, so coaches can land grounders and pop flies with greater accuracy
    • Lightweight, wide-barrel design allows coaches to send balls into the outfield for catching practice
    • Cupped end makes the fungo bat easy to handle and swing during practices
    • Available in an assortment of colors with an engraved finish
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Baseball
    • Ball Included: No
    • Bat Type: Fungo
    • Brand: Easton®
    • Material: Wood
    • Product Length: 37 in.
      • Professional grade maple. 
      • 7/8" handle, 37” length. 
      • Cupped end.

Easton MLF5 Maple Wood Fungo Bat (37") SKU# 1184631

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