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Champion Barbell Rubber Medicine Balls

SKU# 1364665


Lifters and health nuts can boost their strength and stamina by incorporating this Champion Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball into their workout regimens. Athletes will be able to easily attain a firm hold of this medicine ball thanks to the textured rubber cover, so they can perform squats, lunges and other exercises with added resistance. Users can grab this medicine ball for both indoor and outdoor workouts.


    • Textured rubber cover makes this medicine ball easy to grasp
    • Can be used during a wide range of exercises to help improve gripping and tossing capabilities
    • Air-filled ball delivers minimal bounce for efficient training
    • Available in a variety of colors and weights of 2.2 lb., 4.4 lb., 6.6 lb., 8.8 lb., 11 lb., 13.2 lb. and 15.4 lb.
    • Not to be used in slamming exercises
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Aerobics, Training
    • Brand: Reactor by Champion Barbell
    • Material Coating: Rubber
    • Textured Surface: Yes
      • Durable textured rubber cover makes them easy to grip  
      • Air filled with limited bounce  
      • Color coded sizes for easy identification
      • Not designed for use in slamming exercises

Champion Barbell Rubber Medicine Balls SKU# 1364665

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