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Cascade Poly Arc Goggles

SKU# 1386383

Colors: Black, Green, Navy, Red, Royal, White


  • Traditional Hard Mesh is far and away the most popular of all mesh
  • Offers good hold as well as good shot speed and holds its pocket in poor weather conditions
  • Kit includes: (2) 36” Top Strings; (2) 30” Sidewall Strings; (1) 15” Bottom String; (3) 28” Shooting Laces; (1) 33” Pocket Lace; (1) Foam Ball Stop; and (1) Traditional Hard Mesh Piece 
  • White only

*Cascade Poly Arc Goggles SKU# 1386383

  • Feminine, polycarbonate frame contours to the face for reduced weight and added strength Silicone-lined strap for ultimate positioning and grip on head Light weight antimicrobial, moisture wicking comfort foam Meets ASTM standards for women's lacrosse
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