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Carlton™ Maxi-Blade 4.3 Badminton Racquet 

SKU# 20026541


Whether you're teaching a class or giving your students free time, you can encourage young athletes to learn a new sport with this Carlton™ Maxi-Blade 4.3 Badminton Racquet. Great for use in recreational games, this aluminum and steel racquet is lightweight and easy to swing, so students can focus on their footwork and stroke as they send shuttlecocks soaring over the net. Your players can work on their speed and accuracy, as the large sweet spot and durable strings help each shot land exactly where it needs to go.


    • Anodized-aluminum frame resists scuffs and damage to retain its shape game after game
    • Durable steel shaft helps players gain more control and put more power behind each shot
    • Great for recreational environments, such as schools, camps and rec centers
    • Strong strings are made to last through serves, swings and drop shots without breaking or snapping
    • Increased string length provides an enlarged sweet spot to help players make contact with the birdie more frequently
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Badminton
    • Brand: Carlton™
    • Color: Blue, White, Black
    • Color Family: Blue
    • Material: Steel, Aluminum
    • Number Of Shuttlecocks Included: 0
    • Quantity: 1
    • String Tension: 110 grams


    Anodized aluminum "scuff" resistance head, steel shaft and durable string for a solid racquet with the durability to survive recreational play. Weighs 110 grams.

Carlton™ Maxi-Blade 4.3 Badminton Racquet SKU# 20026541

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