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AlmostGOLF™ Practice Ball  
3 Dozen Pack 
SKU# 1309997 
Shipping & Handling estimated included

*AlmostGOLF™ Practice Ball

  • AlmostGOLF™ Practice Ball is a high quality practice ball with a true ball flight and feel. Crafted for both indoor and outdoor use. Has 25% of the weight of a regulation ball and limited distance (1/3 regulation ball) with accuracy. It draws, fades, slices and hooks the same as a real golf ball. Now you can develop your technique practically anywhere--these balls are neighborhood-safe and backyard-friendly so there's no reason to pack up and hit the course or driving range just to get in some extra practice. Get a real golf ball-like feel and save your actual (more expensive) balls for games. Join the users who only practice with almostGOLF Practice Ball Packs.   High performance practice ball True ball flight and feel Limited distance (1/3 regulation ball) with accuracy 25% the weight of a regulation ball Use indoors or outdoors
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