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Volleyball Boundary Markers 

SKU# 90355YLX

Outline an official volleyball court for professional or recreational play with these Volleyball Boundary Markers, which help delineate between an ace and a missed serve. The markers maintain the proper court size thanks to the low-stretch polypropylene rope. Setup is made easy by the welded, nickel-plated corner rings, and the markers resist wear with splice-protector corner sleeves. When the match is over, use the storage winder to wrap the rope back up in a space-saving bundle.


    • Markers map out an official-size 30 ft. x 60 ft. volleyball court to indicate out-of-bounds areas and mid points
    • Rope is made of low-stretch polypropylene and rings plated with nickel for durability
    • Splice-protecting corner sleeves help prevent wear through heavy use
    • Storage winder for a quick takedown after a recreational or competitive-level volleyball match
    • Welded corner rings allow easy installation and prevent the rope from getting tangled
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Volleyball
    • Adjustable Sizing: No
    • Anchoring Hardware Included: No
    • Brand: MacGregor®
    • Center Court Marking: Yes
    • Color: Yellow
    • Color Family: Yellow
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Rope/Webbing Size : 0.75 in.
    • Style: Rope



    • Large, 3/4" circumference, low stretch polypropylene rope with net positioning mid-point markers. 

    • Wear preventing, splice protector corner sleeves

    • Strong, welded, nickel-plated corner rings for fast and easy, tangle-free court layout 

    • Official 30' x 60' court size and practical storage rewinder

Volleyball Boundary Markers SKU# 90355YLX

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