Pillo Polo® Starter Pack 

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Get every student involved in the fast-paced game of Pillo Polo® with help from this Pillo Polo® Starter Pack. Designed as a safer alternative to floor hockey, this game is fun for all ages. Each team attempts to get the ball into the opposing team's net using long sticks while defending their own goal. With substitutions every five minutes, this pack lets 24 boys and girls stay active and constantly moving throughout the class period.


    • Promote endurance, coordination and sportsmanship with this fast-paced game
    • Have players substitute every five minutes
    • Designed to keep 24 boys and girls active
    • Includes one complete Pillo Polo® game, one set of official rules, one pair of goals, six 6 in. cones and one mesh storage bag
    • Yellow and blue sticks allow students to differentiate between teams
  • Specifications:
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Color Family: Multi
    • Material: Mesh
    • Product Type: Gym glass game
    • Product Use/Compatibility: P.E. classes, recreational facilities, community centers

    With substitutions every 5 minutes, this exciting fast-paced game can keep 24 boys and girls constantly moving. Plus you may use your goals, nets and game cones for other activities.
    Package includes:

  • 1 complete Pillo Polo® Game 
  • 1 set of official rules 
  • 1 pair of goals 
  • 6 cones (6") 
  • 1 mesh storage bag

Pillo Polo® Starter Pack SKU# 999913