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Outfield Package with Smart Pole Set 


Colors: Blue, Dark green, Scarlret


When the crack of a ball connecting with lumber reverberates throughout the stadium, this Markers Inc. 150 ft. Outfield Fencing with SmartPole Set makes it easy for baseball or softball players and cheering fans alike to tell when it's just been knocked out of the park. Groundskeepers can erect the fencing in any grassy field with the included SmartPoles, so the outline of the diamond is clearly delineated. Everything needed for proper installation is included with the set, so your field can be ready on opening day.


    • Great for creating an outline along baseball or softball diamonds or other athletic fields
    • 150 ft. of square mesh fencing stretches around the outfield, so players and spectators can easily see where the field's boundaries are
    • 16 SmartPoles root into the ground to keep the fencing securely in place
    • Includes cleats, ground sockets with caps, a punch-pilot hole tool and a socket setter for easy setup and take down
    • Available in an array of bright colors to complement your field or stadium
  • Specifications:
    • Brand: Markers Inc.
    • Fence Length: 150 ft.
    • Material: Mesh



    Includes 150’ of square mesh fencing (your choice: Green, Blue or Red) and 16 SmartPoles which include poles with cleats, ground sockets with caps, punch-pilot hole tool, socket setter and installation sheet.

Outfield Package with Smart Pole Set SKU# MKGMFGS

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