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GameCraft® Weighted Bowling Set 

SKU# 1248050


Key Benefits:

  • Pins react like real pins


Students can find the right grip, hone their rolls and pick up strikes for a perfect game in gym classes and recreational centers with the GameCraft® Weighted Bowling Set that creates a complete bowling setup for a fun, engaging activity. Offering an authentic experience, the weighted pin design not only hold their arrangement, but fall over just like real bowling pins. Students can put some English on the included proportionately size ball to snag a turkey and pick up spares.


    • 15 in. pins weigh 10 oz. each to knock over just like at the bowling alley
    • Included 4.5 lb. bowling ball features a blue and red realistic marble-style pattern
    • Triangular setup sheet outlines where the pins should go on a hard surface for simple preparation
    • Score pad is included for keeping track of strikes, spares and the number of pins knocked over during each frame
    • Helps build friendly competition and athletic skill
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Bowling
    • Brand: GameCraft®
    • Color: White, Red, Blue
    • Color Family: White
    • Product Height: 15 in. (pins)
    • Product Weight: 10 oz. (each pin); 4.5 lb. (bowling ball)
    • Quantity: 1
  • This set plays almost like the real thing 
  • The weighted pins react more realistically when hit 
  • Set includes ten 15"H pins weighing about 10 oz. each, one 4 1/2 lb. ball, set up sheet and score pad

GameCraft® Weighted Bowling Set SKU# 1248050

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