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Gamecraft Lightweight Bowling Set Complete Set

SKU# 1041149


Kids will have fun competing against their classmates as they bowl over pins using this GameCraft® Lightweight Bowling Set. Instructors can teach the fundamentals of this challenging game to youngsters in their P.E. class, day care center or recreational facility. The lightweight pins can easily be knocked over using the rubber ball, so teachers can focus on teaching basic aiming techniques and scoring practices as kids build confidence in their own abilities.


    • 5 lb. rubber ball affords easy handling for young students
    • Great for teaching proper bowling techniques and skills to beginners
    • Sets up quickly in a P.E. class, recreational facility or day care center
    • Hollow pins can be easily knocked over, improving the confidence of youngsters before they hit the lanes
    • Includes ten 15 in. tall, 5 oz. hollow pins, one 5 lb. rubber ball, one setup sheet and one score pad
  • Specifications:
    • Activity: Bowling
    • Brand: GameCraft®
    • Color: White, Red, Black
    • Color Family: Multi
    • Material: Rubber
    • Product Type: Beginner bowling set
    • Product Use/Compatibility: P.E. classes, recreational facilities, day care center
  • Ideal for teaching the fundamentals of bowling to beginners 
  • Each set includes ten 15"H, lightweight, 5 oz. hollow pins, 5 lb. rubber ball, set-up sheet and score pad

Gamecraft Lightweight Bowling Set SKU# 1041149

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