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SKU# 1308563

Key Benefits:

  • Complete with stand
  • Listen up archers! Here's what your program has been in need of: the 36" E-Z Archery Target. It's a good quality, value-priced  foam target that's great for club, rec center or school use. Designed for bows up to 40 lbs., it's 36" square and 3 1/2" thick and includes the stand and paper target face. It is lightweight for easy set up and tear down. Get the economical equipment that both your students and budget will love: the 36" E-Z Archery Target. 
  • Finally a good quality, economical foam target for institutional use 
  • 36" square and 3 1/2" thick 
  • Comes complete with stand and paper target face 
  • Lightweight for easy set up and take down 
  • For bows up to 40 lbs.

36" E-Z Archery Target SKU# 1308563

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